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Experience Refugio
Nature, Community, Connection

For three decades, Refugio was a research base for the exploration of the Amboró National Park.

Just two hours from the city, today it is an eco lodge in a hidden valley surrounded by mountains, virgin forest, rivers and waterfalls.

Our community is our spirit. Magical people who were born safeguarded by these red rock titans.

Women and men who are the soul of this oasis: where the majesty of the Andes and the vibrant energy of the Amazon come together.


They will welcome you as one of their own.

They will show you the secrets of the place and help you create your ideal adventure.

Nature is the heart of our Refugio and the trails are the arteries that connect us to it. We offer you various trails to explore your way: walks along the river with stops at various waterfalls, paths that offer unforgettable panoramic views, paths between orchid gardens and where the jaguar  its tracks.


After a day of connecting with nature, the Refugio experience has just begun.


Our buffet of homemade food made with local ingredients and with all the love of our community. A bonfire under the stars and at the end of the day, a refreshing hot shower and a rest in a comfortable bed. All set for a new adventure.

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